Types of Desktop Memory

Despite being surrounded by all forms of computers for more than a decade now, only a margin of the population precisely knows what PC memory is all about. We all know that computer is made up of different entities, but the definition and types of memory is still vague to most of us. All the praise computers get for easing out our daily [...]


About Windows DNS Server

What is DNS? DNS (Domain name system) works as a phonebook for machines. The way your contacts names help you to locate the contact number of a person, similarly, DNS helps internet to locate a particular address. Web browsers interact by using Internet Protocol addresses. DNS will translate the domain names to Internet protocol address. [...]


About Google Chrome

Chrome Browser has a market place share of more than 50% in the whole world. We use chrome for our day to day browsing work. But, it’s always seen that people don’t have knowledge that they can utilize more with what they actually have. There are many features that you can use to make your daily life task fast and easy. After [...]