About ActiveX Controls

ActiveX is a framework brought out by Microsoft to control web browsers and applications better.  It was introduced in 1996. It is interesting to note that ActiveX does not need the Windows operating system, but paradoxically it functions primarily on the Windows operating kernel. 

ActiveX is supported by the latest Windows 10 with the IE version 11.

How ActiveX compares with its peers 

One of the applications that ActiveX replaced is JavaBeans.  It must be noted that the ActiveX supports more programming languages than the later and thus has been successful in replacing it. 

ActiveX is supported in many of the modern rapid application development systems and thus forms an active part of the present-day embedded programing.  One of the reasons why the ActiveX controls have been successful is in the creation and operation of widgets in the windows operating system. 

The new trend with ActiveX

Compared to the older technologies, ActiveX could be more responsive and faster on the loading of webpages.  Microsoft introduced extensions to their programming languages to take into consideration the requirements of the ActiveX kernel

Soon people were finding the control afforded by the new application more easy to manage as compared to the more traditional means of interacting with the World Wide Web. 

ActiveX became a subscriber model of software that need not have the permission of the user to download itself on to the computers.  This, of course, brought out into the open the issues of safety and privacy that generally occurs within such systems. 

It was thus possible to control the websites and what got to be downloaded by having ActiveX actively involved in the loading of the web browsers.

Final Thoughts:
It was inevitable that changes take place on how computers control the internet.  Safety threats were an everyday issue, and with the subscriber model that has been adopted by Microsoft in ActiveX; it became possible to control better what content got to access the systems.

With the kind of reception that the ActiveX systems have received by the user community, it would not be surprising to note that more future developments would hinge on the ActiveX controls.

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