About Internet Explorer Features

Internet explorer was introduced with the Windows 95 release and has since then been a significant part of every version of the Windows operating system that hit the market.  It started the relationship people had with the World Wide Web and has, over the years, evolved to cater to the increasing internet speeds and download capacities. 

It must be said that Internet Explorer comes with a host of features to make a user-friendly browser experience that much better.

The Compnents of Internet Explorer

You’ll find below as follows a brief introduction, explaning all about Internet Explorers features.

About Error reporting mechanism

Internet Explorer tends to navigate the web without any troubles but not always the case and in fact is known for being a bit slow.  In case something prevents the proper loading of the website onto a browser; then the next thing to do is to understand and find a solution. Internet Explorer first compiles a crash report and sends it to Microsoft after taking due consent from the user of the computer.

The crash reports are mainly statistical. When there is a sufficiently large number of problems being encountered, then the engineers at Microsoft tend to work out a solution to the problem that the users tend to encounter. In case a solution to a problem does exist, then the Microsoft site tends to send the solution to the problem to the host computer for further action.

Often it is third party applications that cause the internet explorer to crash. When the Microsoft site gathers enough of instances of this occurring, then the vendor of the software is intimated of the problem and a solution requested of them.

About Internet Explorers Personal Bar

Internet Explorer personal bar features appears at the top of the browsers interface and is used to bring forth greater conveniences to the user. For instance, the Bookmarks folder is located on the personal bar and helps store commonly or frequently called upon website addresses.  Here more than the convenience part, the bookmarks facility tends to cut out the mistakes that people often make when typing in the web addresses.

Another notable feature of the personal bar is the location of the history tab. What this does is to store the most recent web pages that have been visited by the user. It is thus, a log of all the pages that constitute a web surfing experience at most. In case someone wants to revisit the sites that he has visited or that he needs to find information on some of the pages; taking the history folder could sort out his issue.

There are various other tabs on the personal bar which are meant to be used for the greater convenience of the user.  Many of the often called in actions are displayed as buttons on the personal bar to make things simpler and more accessible.

About Privacy Enhancement

One of the active elements that web surfers encounter is the use of cookies to keep track of user behavior. The privacy settings on the web browser tend to warn the user of the potential access of the cookies to the computer.  It is possible to control, to a large extent, the action of the cookies by setting the privacy settings sufficiently high.

Thus it becomes possible for Internet Explorer to define how much of the private lives of people have to be exposed to the cookies. Most of the time, the user gets to keep tabs and control the action of the cookies through privacy settings.

About Standards Support

One key point about using the World Wide Web is the standards of operations that often is enforced on the user. Another well thought out feature of this system is that it is a fast-evolving sphere that tends to keep changing rather rapidly too. It is for the versions of Internet Explorer to be kept updated as to the latest standard happens to be at any time. This essentially makes Internet Explorer one of the most updated pieces of software on the computer as well.

Final Thoughts:
When most surf the web with Internet Explorer, rarely do they realize the kind of strains that they are putting on the system. The browser has to keep updated periodically to combat the menaces that lurk around the corner. Discussed at length were four of the most defining characteristics of the internet explorer program. 

Note: As of 1/12/2016 Microsoft no longer updates, repairs or supports the Internet Explorer browser. They instead higly recommended using their new browser “Microsoft Edge”.

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