About Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla FireFox Reclaims Top Spot
FireFox´s origins began in 1998 when Mozilla released Netscape a web browser that offered an alternative to Internet Explorer which dominated the market at the time.

Besides being a web browser, one of the main differences between Mozilla and its competitors is that the Mozilla Foundation is a non-profit organization. Their web browser is also open-source which means the original source code is available to anyone and can be freely distributed or modified.

“Mozilla claims to put people before profits and it shows.”

How FireFox Protects Your Personal Data
Techradar has ranked FireFox as the best web browser of 2019 citing its many extensions which can enhance the user experience and its recent overhaul with Firefox Quantum. Since Mozilla is a non-profit they do not have the need to sell user data, therefore, they do not save user information making it one of the most private and safest browsers available.

Mozilla has even gone so far as to release an extension to further safeguard user data after Facebook accidentally leaked the private information of many of its users.

“They named the extension Facebook Container. “

Mozilla not only talks about privacy, they also actively take steps to further safeguard user data.

Performance Improves by Leaps and Bounds
FireFox is known for protecting user info but what about its performance? considered FireFox to be its top pick for browsers noting that the browser took less than a minute to boot and it fully loaded web pages in just over 4 seconds.

The layout is intuitive and makes all the tools and menus easily accessible. The mobile version of the browser is available for Android and iOS, and you can sync the browser across all your devices. In addition, tested its ability to protect against viruses and found that it “blocked more threats than any other” browse they tested. FireFox also takes up less space in your memory and uses less RAM than before.

“FireFox’s improving speed is not just limited to the PC version of the browser.”

The mobile app also surprised critics with its speedy response time and ability to block ads and tracking. In June of this year, Cnet published a review of the preview version of the app which is slated to be released in the fall.

Cnet noted that because FireFox now blocks tracking by default, it prevents the extra computing necessary to track your online movements by advertisers. This frees up more memory the browser can use to navigate the web more efficiently and quickly. The browser can prevent traditional banner ads from loading as well as block pop up ads.

Since this means that fewer data has to be downloaded the browser will benefit from faster load times.

FireFox has definitely seen some improvements and Mozilla has not swayed from its original goal of building a free safe and secure browser that allows the public to freely access the internet.

Many critics rated FireFox at the top of their list and gave many compelling reasons to try the browser, and this is only for the preview version! The full version is scheduled to be released later this year and will be even more polished and refined.

“I highly recommend you see what all the hype is about.”

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