About Windows Event Viewer Features

At best event viewer is a log of events that occurred with Windows Operating Kernel.  It was released with Windows NT line of systems that allows others to read the logs created by a computer on the network.  It must be understood that the logs are created as files that serve to have potential action taken if necessary. 

Classification of the Logs

The logs were classified in such a manner that it was easily identifiable and reachable. There were three broad classifications as dwelt below.

System: Here, the messages were related to the operating system in use on the particular machine. It made reports which enabled the fine-tuning of the networks and never was seen as critical errors as such.  

 Application: These were reports that were generated with software or applications that were run on the network.  Each separate application had its style and name for the file concerned.  Some of the more sophisticated software vendors tried to access the application records to know how their systems fared on particular networks. Thus Windows Event Viewer came to be seen as a focal point to know how a particular application was functioning. 

Security: The security logs were meant to point out how the system was copping up with intrusions and disruptions. Broadly the Event Viewer tended to keep a record of how the system behaved during certain times of criticality. 

The Progress of Windows Event Viewer

With the release of Windows Vista version, the Event Viewer was discontinued.  There were several instances of scam propagators stimulating an intrusion on the computer and to have the user reveal some confidential information like passwords etc. 

Final Thoughts:
When Microsoft Vista was introduced, the Event Viewer was replaced with an event tracking system.  The networking environment that came about at the time, too, did not favor the use of the older system either. Thus the Event Viewer was given a quiet burial as time went by.

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