About Windows Media Player Features

Windows Media Player is an application that comes bundled with the Windows operating system to enable the playing of media files; that is, video and audio files.  It is one software that helps turn the home computer into a multimedia center. 

Initially, the media player was introduced for the Mac systems and Solaris; but it has since been discontinued.  Windows Media Player has many enhancements that enable the convincing rendering of entertainment files. 

What Windows Media Player has done is to transform the humble PC into a media center.  Earlier third-party applications were being used to have the music and multimedia effect on the computer systems. This has been dispensed with to come out with a solution that more than makes up for the small size that it turns out to be. 

Features of the Windows Media Player

It is never that the media player is a static bit of software. It comes loaded with many innovative features that render music and video files come live into effect.

Library Functions

This particular feature enables the user to store the media files onto the hard disk of the computer.  The files can be retrieved as many times as possible to enjoy the experience of playing the media.  There is what is called the core playback feature that enables Windows media player to play the files in any manner possible. For example, it is possible to rewind the file to an earlier spot or to play it forward till a chosen part is played at the start.

Auto playlists

The Auto Playlists are one of the most powerful features of the media player. What happens is that the user can define custom playlists, which can be called to play at any time and in any style. Each time the playlist is accessed, the files are renewed afresh. It is possible to use the playlists to form groups of music albums that need not other prompting to be played out on the system. 


Listening to music need not be one dimensional any longer. It is possible to have custom visualizations and effects played out on the screen as the music is being played out on the system.  Not only does this provide a visual distraction, it often is that the beats of the visuals are in sync with the music being played out on the computer. 


With most of the music systems being provided by the industry, an equalizer has become part and parcel of the listening experience.  It enables the further subtle customization of the music to make them much more lively and vibrant.  The concept is to alter the music and not to change the presentation most of the time completely. 

Windows Media Player Supported Formats

There have been a wide variety of formats on support by the media player so much so that there are few varieties that cannot be played on the player.  There is even the rendering of Dolby surround sound experience to the user. The use of media codecs has meant that it is possible to play out any music file or video file.

At a time when there are different types and kinds of media files being put to use, it is a comforting thought that there is a media format that can support all manners of files on the same system.  It must be called to attention that the media player supports a few formats of compression as well, thus reducing the amount of space that is required to store the files.

Final Thoughts:
What the advent of Windows Media Player has done is to bring high-quality music to the ordinary person.  It no longer needed expensive equipment to render the effects and operation of the system are common sense and no more.  A factor with media player is that it is possible to combine multiple formats to play in a single system most of the time.

It is possible to change the format of the file being stored to be the most suited in the given situation.  Data files that need encryption can also be handled by the player who introduces a fair bit of flexibility in the working of Windows Media Player.

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