Types of Desktop Memory

Despite being surrounded by all forms of computers for more than a decade now, only a margin of the population precisely knows what PC memory is all about. We all know that computer is made up of different entities, but the definition and types of memory is still vague to most of us. All the praise computers get for easing out our daily [...]


About Windows DNS Server

What is DNS? DNS (Domain name system) works as a phonebook for machines. The way your contacts names help you to locate the contact number of a person, similarly, DNS helps internet to locate a particular address. Web browsers interact by using Internet Protocol addresses. DNS will translate the domain names to Internet protocol address. [...]


About Windows Memory Dump

Memory dumps, in brief, are copies of the Windows memory that existed before a crash of the system. The blue screen usually indicates this crash, and one of the ways to understand and restart the application is by analyzing the memory dump to start with. Memory dumps can be classified into four types, as laid out below. Complete memory [...]


About Microsoft Office

Notable Features One of the critical features of products from the Microsoft Corporation is the steady stream of updates and upgrades that are offered on their offerings. It thus comes as no surprise that the Microsoft Office has had numerous avatars over time, and the latest version has some notable features over its predecessors. What [...]


About Windows Disk Defrag

What is formatting the hard disk? When a hard disk is being formatted, it is separated into smaller sectors and into partitions that are different from each other. This is done using the read head to create an electronic separation between adjacent parts of the substrate, which is what the hard disk consists of. When data is written onto [...]