About Tracking Cookies

An HTTP Cookie, called the cookie is a small data that is sent from a website and is stored onto the user’s computer. This done by the web browser, and each time a website is visited, a cookie is downloaded onto the system. Now, cookies fall into three or four categories, and one of them is thetracking cookies that are sent by the [...]


About Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player or WMP is an all in one media player, media library, and image viewer application developed and owned by Microsoft. WMP is used for playing, storing, and organizing your images, audio, and video files. It was designed for personal computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system along with Pocket PC and [...]


About Windows File Explorer

The Windows File Explorer was introduced in Microsoft’s Windows 95 and is primarily aimed at organizing and accessing the files stored on the computer. At the start, it was called the file manager and later on as different versions of Windows were developed, the name kept changing but not the functionality.  The latest of the [...]


About Windows Registry Keys

The Windows Registry is a hierarchical database defined by the Windows OS to store, modify and manage system and application configuration. The hierarchy resembles a tree format where each node in the tree is called a Key(Windows Registry Key). Keys can contain Subkeys, Values and additional Data in each Value. Applications installed on [...]