About Windows Error Reporting

An Eminent Crash Reporting Technology Windows Error Reports were first introduced by Microsoft in Windows XP. The usefulness of the tool compelled the developers to use the tool in the upcoming versions of Windows as well. But what are these Windows Error Reports, you might ask. Let’s get to know them better. In essence, Windows Error [...]


About Windows Task Manager

What Is The Windows Task Manager? Launched back in 2015, Windows 10 introduced numerous nifty tools, thereby righting the wrongs of its predecessor, the Windows 8. And, in doing so, it greatly reiterated our affinity for the operating system. In the process, Windows 10 also refurbished numerous age-old elements. One such element is the [...]


About Google Chrome

Chrome Browser has a market place share of more than 50% in the whole world. We use chrome for our day to day browsing work. But, it’s always seen that people don’t have knowledge that they can utilize more with what they actually have. There are many features that you can use to make your daily life task fast and easy. After [...]


About Windows System Restore

System Restore is another neat offering available in the Microsoft Windows ecosystem. Quite simply, it is a recovery tool provided by Windows that allows you to easily retract any erroneous changes that you might have made in the operating system. Usually, the System Restore is used to recover important Windows files and settings that [...]


About Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge was first released with Windows 10 and is primarily a web browser that came to be released in 2015.  It lacked the ActiveX control and compensates by including some of the more up to date protocols to retain control over the browsing. Despite the massive push that Edge got from Microsoft to turn it into the premier web [...]