About Google Chrome

Chrome Browser has a market place share of more than 50% in the whole world. We use chrome for our day to day browsing work. But, it’s always seen that people don’t have knowledge that they can utilize more with what they actually have.

There are many features that you can use to make your daily life task fast and easy. After reading this article you will be able to use Chrome Browser at its best. So, here are some useful features of Google Chrome.

We have selected 9 very important features of Google Chrome you need to read it once.. They include:-

1) Lightning Fast Speed

Do you know Chrome uses Web kit which is the best available technology for making Browsing faster? The biggest companies like safari also use the same technology. Because of the WebPages are compressed and the whole website loads faster.

I know use must also have noticed the difference in other browser and chrome. The website lodes first in the cache file of Chrome itself and then on your Browser which will make Chrome the fastest and Powerful Browser.

(2) Work on 100 different tasks

I know you will never believe if I will tell you that you can open 100 tabs at the same time on Google chrome, Yes, it’s true that you can open 100 tabs at the same time and work on all of them.

Because of this feature big companies like Nike, Adidas, 3M and other use the Chrome Browser for their work. So, don’t worry if you want to work on more than one tab. your Chrome Browser can handle up to 100 tabs at the same time. This can be useful for all the programmers and other persons who have to handle many tabs at the same time.

(3) Startup Menu with Mind

Yes, you have heard right. Chrome’s start page has a great technology that uses the Perfect Program to monitor your usage and on your usage, it shows the startup page. The Web pages you frequently visit are shown on the Start menu of Chrome.

You can delete the Webpage which you don’t want to see on the start menu it’s easy to add and remove any webpage from the Start menu of Chrome Browser. If you have to work daily on the same websites then it will be too easy for you, You just have to open Google Chrome and just Click on the icon in the Start menu this will take you directly to the website which you daily visit. NO, need to type URL in the search bar.

(4) Manages task easily with inbuilt Task Manager

Chrome Browser has its own Task Manager. In Chrome Browser we can easily manager our task and tabs by just going into Task manager in Tools menu. In that, you can easily work on the WebPages which we want and can force close any page which may be showing Ads.

So, Because Chrome Browser has its own Task Manager can help us to Track our tabs and can easily see the hidden downloading running by any malicious website. This can prevent us from Data loss or Virus.

(5) Incognito mode

Incognito mode is the best mode if you want to search for something as a spy… This means in a hidden manner these searches will never be shown in your Browser history. Click the control icon in the upper right corner of the browser and you will see the option to open a new tab then a new window, or a new incognito window.

Incognito window will open instantly without appearing in browser or search history. It does not leave any clues like cookies and cache files into your Browser history. You can see your downloads and bookmarks in Incognito mode also.

(6) Security Powered Browsing

Chrome Browser automatically avoids dangerous websites and also protects you from downloading files that can be harmful to your computer. Its built-in technology will help you to stay the same. This will also block the files which can steal our saved passwords. Many times Chrome Browser will stop you from visiting some websites. It may stop your downloading if it is dangerous for your PC.

(7) Chrome has a Smart Google

What is a smart Google feature? If you have used Chrome you must see that it will complete your search even before you have written the full sentence. This is called a Smart Google feature.

This can help you to work fast and smoothly and because of this, you can take more work out of Google also. So, if you are using some other browser I suggest you go and download Google Chrome which will help you to search any topic easily with the SMART Google feature.

(8) Go anywhere DO anything

This the Best feature which Chrome Browser gives you in this you have to just on the sync tab on your browser and after that, you can work on any device like Laptop, PC, Mobile Phone. It will directly fetch all the data, saved passwords, Bookmarks & all other which you have saved for your reference. So, you have to just on the sync feature in your Chrome Browser this will help you to work fast on any device.

(9) Give your own touch with inbuilt themes & cast on Big Screen

more informed, more productive, or just more puppies. Make your browser according to your style and favourite design, as Chrome comes with a customization option to express your thoughts.

You can make a short cut to all the website you visit more frequently so that you can access it easily. You can easily cast your Chrome Browser on a big screen with the help of Chrome Cast. This will give you a simple and easy feature to see your work on Big screen.

Google chrome Browser provide security of data. As there are maintained under  I.T security professionals and analyst in case of any security breach. Computer security is a very important aspect of I.T and they demand of computer security professionals is very high due to the increased numbers of internet security networks.

If you want to be an highly secured and easy to use browser make use of Google Chrome there are some important features about the browser mentioned above you should read and have in-depth knowledge about.

These are some of the very important features of Google Chrome web Browser. Anyone who wants to browse on internet smoothly can make use of this browser.

Maggie is a lifelong geek. She loves sharing tips and tricks about new technology and enjoys everything related to computers. Also an avid bookworm and you can always find her, in her favorite laboratory tinkering with computers, smartphones and other devices.