About Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge was first released with Windows 10 and is primarily a web browser that came to be released in 2015.  It lacked the ActiveX control and compensates by including some of the more up to date protocols to retain control over the browsing.

Despite the massive push that Edge got from Microsoft to turn it into the premier web browser, success has been less than spectacular.  It is fifth in the list of web browsers in popularity and remains the browser of choice in the Microsoft gaming consoles that it was introduced.  On the consoles, it was more of a monopoly playing out than of sheer choice.

Features of Microsoft Edge

From the very onset, Microsoft Edge was designed to give the competition a real run for their money. It has thus been loaded with features that could be said to be futuristic. But the general feeling that it is RAM heavy when compared to the competing browsers tended to make it less popular than what Microsoft wanted to achieve.  

The more used and popular features of the browser are as listed below.

Favorites: This feature replaces the bookmarks found on competing web browsers and has the same functionality as the latter.  It is possible to have directories and subdirectories in the favorite’s folder, which makes it rather useful to have as a feature. This allow the better organization of the favorites tab. 

Reading list: It could be said that the reading list is a subfolder in the favorites tab. For people wanting to add a particular webpage to the favorites bar, all they have to do is to right-click the mouse button and choose ‘add to reading list”. It would then get stored in the favorites sub bar.

Browsing history: As the very term signifies, browsing history is where the past visits to web sites and web pages are stored. It is organized as a tree architecture with the pages being organized under the main heading of the website visited.  The browsing history is a convenient manner of picking out pages that have been visited in the past instances by the user. 

Downloads: It is here in the download tab that files are stored that have been taken off from the internet or the cloud platforms. This is a first attempt to organize what would otherwise have been rather a mundane effort at storing downloaded files. What is noteworthy is that there is the download file in the file manager, but that would require the user exiting the browser in the ordinary circumstances. With the download feature in the Microsoft Edge browser, it is possible to have a seamless browsing experience.

Adobe Flash Player: In the earlier attempts with the Internet Explorer, it was that the Adobe Flash Player needed to be loaded separately. This would mean a slower loading of the browser most of the time. In the Microsoft Edge browser, it is possible to have a break free call up of the flash player as it is built into the system.

Compatibility with other Microsoft Online Platforms

The Edge has been made possible to offer a seamless transfer of data between the different types of online platforms that are currently prevalent in use. It allows voice control, dynamic searches, and search functionality to the systems.

Microsoft has been at the forefront of introducing more services on the cloud platforms, and the use of Edge could turn out to be a winner as more systems and components take to the cloud environment. 

One of the most common instances in the computing field has been that there is an immediate comparison to existing applications and platforms each time something new is introduced. This sort of scrutiny has been rendered on the Microsoft Edge platform as well.

The general verdict is that; some spaces have been newly explored with the Edge systems.  But some of the components to the browser have made its use rather heavy and slow.

Security-wise, the integration of the Adobe Flash Player means it is possible to bypass some of the checks that standard websites need to clear before loading. This means it is much more convenient as well as faster to load as well.

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