About Microsoft Office

Notable Features

One of the critical features of products from the Microsoft Corporation is the steady stream of updates and upgrades that are offered on their offerings. It thus comes as no surprise that the Microsoft Office has had numerous avatars over time, and the latest version has some notable features over its predecessors.

What Sets Apart Microsoft Office?

The presentation features: Most of the office suite versions have the PowerPoint presentation package. It is part and parcel of the Microsoft Office Suite, and the latest offering must be noted for its advanced presentation features.

There is the Morph feature that tends to integrate third-party applications to the application better. Another equally exciting feature is the zoom feature that helps bring on a better and more flexible approach to creating presentation slides.

An attempt has been made to stay ahead of the curve as more vendors are coming up with clones of the office package that tries to incorporate some of the most notable features found on Microsoft Office.

Data Analysis: If ever a package must be seen as being a contemporary business accessory, then it has to include some of the most practical and sophisticated data analysis. The current excel sheet has one of the best possible data manipulation tools available to the business user.

There has been an effort to include more formulae and more seamless integration to other supported platforms.

Interestingly there has been an effort to enhance better the serviceability of the Excel software that comes bundled with the Microsoft Office package most of the time. Better dependability and a more reliable working are to be noticed with the latest releases of the office software.

Inking features: The current version of Microsoft Office tends to take the inking features that the handheld pen brings about to new levels of performance. It is possible to change the thickness and depth of colors by just changing the angle of the pen being held onto the screen.

Of note has been the inclusion of a roaming pencil case that allows the users to carry around their favorite drawing tools within the ecosystem presented by the Microsoft Office. There has been an effort to deliver a more personal experience to the user in a multi-user environment.

Better email management: Among the components of Microsoft Office, the single most entity that deals with emails is the outlook program. There are a few notable features to the latest office package as compared to the previous versions.

They can be summarized as follows:

  • Focused Inbox
  • Mail Groups
  • Updated Contact Cards
  • Travel Package Cards

All the above goes on to provide greater convenience to the user. It makes the management of mailing lists and group mails easier than before. In many ways, it is more judicious use of the medium more than anything else.

Co-Authoring: This can best be seen as a collaboration between two or more users of the package. It is possible to work on the same document by the different persons while at the same time keeping track of each person’s contribution and efforts.

Although the co-authoring feature has been on for some time, it is with the latest version of the Office that it has come to be of practical use. This particular feature could have more significant work dynamics when working on large projects like making out tender documents and the likes.

The feature is available with a host of components in Office like Word, PowerPoint so on.

Better integration: In the past versions of Microsoft Office, it was not possible to migrate data or information from one of the constituent platforms to the other on Office.

This has now been made possible with the latest release of the office software. Thus, it is possible to use figures arrived in the Excel sheet to the Word files and so on. The integration of the working is a method to ensure that the application remains relevant to the needs of the current users and particularly the office environment.

Can MS Office get any better?

One of the features of the technology-enabled application is that when people get to think it can’t go any further, out comes a surprise. This has been a feature of the Microsoft Office packages for some time in the past.

The reason too that the application has remained so relevant and in-demand has been this proactive approach by Microsoft for its part. Rest assured that the future editions of Office would have still more friendly and useful features than at present.

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