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About Microsoft Update Catalog

The Windows Update Catalog is a resources that allows access to various files to be used with the Windows operating system.  It supports the networking protocols found in Windows NT, as well.

The current Windows 10 release is supported by the system.

Since the update catalog website is current all the time, it is a single source for all matters about the windows system file updates.

Being a single-source platform, there are never conflicts about the versions or on the updates that are made available therein. 

There were issues till 2016 when the ActiveX controls were deployed on the website, which has since been discontinued. 

This permits all manners of browsers to access the site at will.

Using the Microsoft Update Catalog

First, the website address has to be loaded after ensuring that the computer is connected to the internet. Most of the time, due to the substantial nature of the support traffic, the site does take some time to load.

Each update has a number associated with it. A search for the update is made using the reference number.

Most of the time, the update would appear on the screen immediately. But at times, different versions of the same update might be displayed. 

It could be that different versions of Windows operating system needs a separate update to work. 

“Downloading the file is just a matter of clicking the icon and saving it on the computer. “

The file is run after performing the customary virus check. It is rare to come across a virus infection, but it does help to be doubly sure

The Microsoft Update Catalog starts from those days when the operating system did not have an automatic update feature. Here customers had to visit the website and manually install the latest updates and patches. 

The website does support Windows 10 release as well and can be used if the need so arises.

But most people with the operating system tend to rely on the auto-update feature to have the system up to date

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