What are System Drivers?

System Drivers

All computers operate with hardware, including; soundcards, video cards, USB ports, etc. Just about everything on your PC that ant a software program. The task of a system driver is to serve as a communications link between applications and hardware devices.

The drivers, drive the information between devices.

Drivers need to be updated regularly to stay compatible with other drivers and devices. The computer and internet world moves fast and updates frequently. It’s a good practice to keep pace!

When dealing with drivers, there are three common problems that lead to issues.

Missing Driver: If your PC reports an error similar to driver not found, it more or less means it’s missing and the driver is not present on your computer. This may occur if something went wrong during installation with a new app. This error can also occur if you uninstalled the software application that came with the driver.

Incompatible Driver: Since the drivers are steering the communication between the hardware and software, it’s important that they speak the same language. But sometimes they don’t. One driver may be designed to work with one program, but not the other and vice versa. What you have is an incompatible driver. There’s nothing wrong with neither the driver, nor the program, they just don’t work together.

All you need is an easy update!

Damaged Driver: If a system driver becomes damaged on your computer, it can cause a number of malfunctions. Often, Microsoft Windows will show an error message with any type of error code to troubleshoot the problem.

Special note: When it comes to troubleshooting or updating Windows system drivers take your time, do your research and run an update.

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