“Driver Fix© PRO is the best driver utility of 2022“

It's customizable, it updates your drivers and optimizes your PC for peak performance all with the least amount of effort!

The Benefits of Using Driver Fix© PRO

Restore PC Stability

Fix faulty, outdated, missing drivers and eliminate freezes, crashes & errors

Improve PC Performance

Keep your programs, pictures, memory and hardware running at its best

Enhance your Gaming Experience

Install the latest drivers & components for a better high-performance experience

Driver Fix© PRO uses device-specific matching technology, to ensure your computer receives the correct solution at the right moment, so you never end up with down-time or wasted effort (searching for drivers online). Our service is "For You' no matter where you are. At home, at the office or at your favorite coffee shop. Our software has real-time device monitoring, ensuring continuous protection.

Scan & Update Over 71,000,000+ Drivers

We've got you covered. Driver Fix© PRO is connected to more than 7,298,000 manufactures around the world. You will never experience an outdated, missing, corrupt driver issues ever again.

Tweak Your PC for Advanced Gaming

Install the newest graphics & audio drivers for high performance enhancements or revert to older versions. It's totally an option and up to your preference. Driver Fix© PRO offers Game Ready drivers specifically optimized for popular games.

Automated Driver Updates

It's all too easy to miss important driver updates. Driver Fix© PRO is a great timesaver. By turning on Auto Driver Update, it scans, downloads and installs drivers automatically in the background while the PC system is idle.

Secure Updates Matter

Downloading the wrong drivers can be very risky and may cause serious problems with computer performance. Driver Fix© PRO downloads drivers from verified manufactures that have passed rigorous WHQL testing. Our software also uses HTTPs connections, to secure your privacy while scanning updating drivers.

System Restore & Backups

Driver Fix© PRO automatically creates system restore points and backs up your current drivers before installing new drivers. So you can choose to roll back your driver to the previous version if you don't like this new update or restore unwanted changes to your system.

Advanced Tools to Solve Irritating Problems

  • Fix No Sound Problems

    Resolve most all Windows sound issues

  • Fix Network Issues

    Fix network connectivity problems

  • Fix Device Errors

    Fix error code 22, 24, 10 & many more

  • Fix Resolution Issues

    Fix display problems and graphics issues

  • Clean Your Devices

    Update out-of-date drivers

  • System Information

    Collect and display detailed information about your system

Driver Fix© PRO Finds Drivers for Millions of Devices

  • Audio Devices
  • Graphics
  • Network Cards
  • Wi-Fi Cards
  • Bluetooth
  • USB Devices
  • Input Devices
  • Scanners
  • Chipset
  • Modem
  • Smartphone
  • Writing Board
  • Camera
  • Printers
  • Card Reader
  • Game Joystick
  • TouchPad
  • Biometric
  • And More

How it works

Scan your PC for driver problems
Select the drivers to be updated
Update all drivers in 1 click

Over 1500000 Happy Users

I gotta say it’s super easy to use, runs in the background and doesn't strain the CPU or RAM. I was able to play my favorite games without my system crashing or having to kill any background applications. Driver Fix© PRO fixed my PC drivers better than windows update does and I'm really impressed with the software. I highly recommend it to anyone that wants the extra performance.

Rachel Archer

What a surprise to receive the new Advanced Driver Update software. Once installed it began to update & repair immediately. I had no idea about half of the programs on my PC were for, let alone which ones needed an updates. Once Driver Fix© PRO was finished, it was as if my PC had a complete makeover. Sensational!

Harold Barr

Sometimes when I tried updating my drivers myself, the computer would crash and then I would have to reformat it. I haven’t had that problem in a very long time, thanks to Driver Fix© PRO. It's easy to use and downloads fast.

Carlos Alexandre Veríssimo

60 Day Risk-Free Trial

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