About Windows File Manager

The File Manager was introduced in the Windows Operating System to manage files stored in the system.  It was subsequently replaced by “My Computer” in the later version of the operating system. But starting in 2018, the File Manager has been introduced as an optional component in the Windows Operating System, including in [...]


About Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight is a RIA(Rich Internet Applications) framework built by Microsoft. It serves as an alternative to Adobe’s Flash player but has a significantly less market and adoption among both developers and customers. Silverlight plugin is available for major browsers as they help parse and run Silverlight content just like the [...]


About Browser Extensions

Browsers have come a long way since their early days when parsing and rendering html pages was their primary function. Even today we can find command line browsers like Lynx on that still follow the same principles of navigating through URLs in a web page. However today browsers do much more than just render and display web pages. [...]