About Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge was first released with Windows 10 and is primarily a web browser that came to be released in 2015.  It lacked the ActiveX control and compensates by including some of the more up to date protocols to retain control over the browsing. Despite the massive push that Edge got from Microsoft to turn it into the premier web [...]


About Windows DNS Settings

DNS is an acronym for the Domain Name System. It is a client/server network communication system, in-charge of translating Internet domains and hostnames to IP addresses and vice-versa. Imagine the DNS as a directory keeping records of IP addresses and converting them as and when required. To ensure that DNS servers are constantly in [...]


About Microsoft Office

Notable Features One of the critical features of products from the Microsoft Corporation is the steady stream of updates and upgrades that are offered on their offerings. It thus comes as no surprise that the Microsoft Office has had numerous avatars over time, and the latest version has some notable features over its predecessors. What [...]